Dallas Culinary Photography

DTX Media is a Dallas video production and commercial photographer firm that specializes in culinary and food photography, beverage and drink photography and even deserts. Our background includes product photography, advertising and editorial, we understand the difference between a nice image of a plate, and a photograph that make people want to buy and eat that food! We love to engage users and enter a human element when possible. You’ll notice our artistic style in the portfolio above may include hands grabbing from a shared table, drinks being poured, or a steak being cut into.

Dallas Beverage Photography

dallas beverage photography

DTX Media provides drink and beverage photography in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Beverage photography can be one of the most difficult forms of photography, from condensation, to glass reflections, to liquid visual distortion, you’re going to want an expert to capture your drinks, and that’s where we come in!

Food Designer / Food Stylist

food designer e

The expertise and visual impact a professional food stylist or designer brings to a photography shoot is immeasurable. We pretty mush insist that one be included in every photography shoot. We have several stylists we like to use in the Dallas Fort Worth area and can provide our own, or work with one you provide. Take a look at the snap-shot examples above to see the difference between a stand-in plate and a plate made by a stylist.

The Photography Process

food bts

The process for photographing food is very meticulous and precise, even when the images are intentionally “messy”. While there are many factors, it’s best to anticipate to be able to shoot 1 plate an hour. Compared to others, many technical considerations have been made to ensure food shoots go as smoothly as possible. Food stylists and experienced veteran advertising and marketing personal have raved over our intelligent process including the use stationary video-style lighting with optional color accent gels instead of strobes or flashes, so that the client and designer can see in real time what each plate will look like on our included 19″ external video monitor. The photo above shows a behind the scenes look at a shoot for Mi Cocina in Dallas, Texas.

Restaurant Interiors


Many times restaurants will need more than just pictures of their food, in many cases, they need the restaurant itself. DTX Media is not only a Dallas food photography firm, we do it all, even video. Above is a restaurant interior photograph of a remodeled Chili’s bar and Grill at the Grapevine Mills Mall just outside of Dallas, Texas. We made a time-lapse of the remodel and took architectural photography of the interior as well. Click the links to learn more about these services.

Culinary and Food Videography in Dallas

DTX Media is a small video production company in Dallas, Texas that makes commercial and advertising videos. Above we created this trade-show highlight video for Taylor Farms showing the process of creating food products for their client HEB. While this is not your typical restaurant commercial video, we feel it’s more quite a testament to our food videography to make food from an assembly line process look so appetizing. See our Dallas video production page for more samples.

Dallas Advertising Photographer

food editorial

Many times food photography is advertising photography. DTX Media is a professional advertising photography firm, and while we shoot culinary photography and video, we’re also able to provide beautiful editorial and advertising photography or even provide coverage of an event at your restaurant.

Product Photography

food product

Food photography and Product photography go hand in hand, but the process for products is very different. See our Dallas product photography page to see more.